All dental services are provided in house with the exception of orthodontics. This remains with our philosophy of complete, comprehensive care. It also provides for immediate coordinated care, which translates to the patient in many ways such as:

  • Fewer Visits
  • Less Chair Time
  • Fewer Injections
  • More Comfort
  • Familiar Surroundings
  • Dialog between practitioners at the time
    of service

All new patients requiring restorative dentistry are offered a free consultation. If the patient does not have the current x-rays available at the time of the initial visit, we will take all necessary x-rays at no charge. All fees are discussed and presented before any work is initiated. Fees will not be quoted via the phone or internet. Financial arrangements can be arranged.

Our services include: Comprehensive exams, digital x-rays, health screenings including head and neck, thyroid, lymph node and complete intra-oral. We offer counseling in dental disease, nutrition, and tobacco. We do composite (tooth colored) fillings, porcelain fused to precious metal inlays, crown and bridges. All root canal and periodontal therapy and surgery are done in one office. This includes dental implants. We also do full and partial dentures with local labs to expedite emergency denture repair.

Night Guards, TMJ or Sport Appliance

These are all used to treat grinding and clenching. They protect your teeth and allow you to sleep more restfully. They also help prevent jaw, neck and back pain.

Many professional athletes are wearing these appliances for better performance. They provide balance and flexibility of muscles and shoulder joints.

We have treated and helped several professional baseball players, NBA players and many “week-end warriors”.

Reverse Anesthetic

OraVerse is used to reverse the effects of local anesthesia (Dental injections). Your lip and tongue will feel like nothing happened!  Takes approximately a half an hour for full effect.

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