Sam Hasegawa, CDT

Our lab technician, Sam Hasegawa is an individual lab in Breckenridge, Co.  It is important that he is the only technician to work on your reconstruction case from beginning to end.  We have had this relationship for over 21 years.  The results are not only predictable but functional and beautiful.  Prior to working with our practice, Mr. Hasegawa did all of the show models for Ceramco Porcelain, one of the leaders in the world of dental porcelain.

The team approach to prosthetics, implants and all surgery allows for the best of treatment.  This minimized the number of treatments, dental injections and things can be done in a much more expedient way.  Decisions can be made and changed to better suit the patient and their individual case.  Teeth can be provided the same day.  Transition from natural teeth to implants are done, in most instances, without ever wearing a removable denture.  With Dr. Dresnin and Dr. Denmark working hand in hand, the patient always leaves with a very aesthetic restoration.

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