Doing It Right.

After over thirty years of doing reconstruction and 23 years of implants, we are able, as a team, to see what we have accomplished.  By team, we mean that between Dr. Dresnin, Nancy, Donna and Sandi, we have many years of experience together.  This experience makes for a more comfortable dental experience for the patient.

Dr. Denmark and Dr. Dresnin have been doing implant surgery and treatment in tandem for over 11 years now.  Therefore your periodontal and reconstruction expert are side by side in the same office. In consulting with one another and, with the patient, view and discuss the patients films and history together to and to coordinate appointments.   This saves the patient countless hours of travel time and treatment time with less injections and discomfort.  Decisions can be made and changed if necessary without inconvenience to the patient or loss of appointment time and interruption to the flow of treatment.

  • All treatments including extractions, implants, grafts, root canals and crowns are done together by all necessary dental personnel at the same time and the same place.
  • We will also transition so you never go without a missing tooth after treatment.  99% of the cases never have a need for an uncomfortable removable temporary.
  • You will always leave looking better than when you started.
  • Comfort during and after treatment is our priority.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to maintain our schedule, along with the patient’s personal schedule, we call the day before to remind and confirm appointments.  It is not our policy to double book appointments.  However, emergencies are always seen immediately.

After all of this time and treatment, we are still looking at cases that have succeeded for over 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.

We have re-done some of the older cases due to wear, but the teeth are still healthy.  Proving that when these restorations are done well, with the proper planning, they will last indefinitely, with proper home care and dental cleanings.  We keep your recalls in order, as far as when and how often.  We provide for all of the necessary dental aids to maintain optimal dental health.

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